Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dark Days

These dark days are here again I don’t know how long I don’t know when
These dark days are here again, I wish it was a dream it’s what he said

The children go to school she sits at home, worrying how she’ll pay for all their tools
She asks the money lender to give her some time he nods his head do you think I’m a fool. He comes home after eight, the children ain’t in bed they stay up late

He asks where she’d been when she comes in she looks at him strange hands the money to him, he counts the cash it’ll pay tomorrows bills she gets to bed she smells of old men

These dark days last longer than hell, she’s a broken woman their marriage is at an end

The politician promises the worst is over now, you’ll soon have your house back they believe the fool, he goes to work on a Monday morning worrying about tomorrow he keeps soldering on

She can’t refuse the work whatever the cost the kids need their new shoes it wont go on forever, money lender calls there is word on the beat she’s bad for money but good for heat, these dark days since I don’t know when don’t you wish for cover from a real good lover

He used to hold her tight every night, now he never sees until it’s well past mid night
These dark days have broken their spirit, should have used a doctor but couldn’t afford to visit

This tale of woe is only the beginning, you should have seen it coming they say been clever, he gets some rope and ties it together puts a big noose in it he wants to end it forever.

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