Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Poem for Mankind

While a tree grows it depends on its roots for some of it’s success, not all. While a child grows up, it depends on its parents. Is there a special chemical the body produces when a man and woman entwine?. Harry looked at the words typed on the screen. Beethoven was a problem child, he had lots of problems. Did his parents contribute to his success, of course figured harry, they had to encourage him. Various words appeared on screen, some made into sentences that made sense, some total gibberish. Harry had spent a week holed up in a room with a TV, and was having trouble making sense to himself as a result. A sermon to write that caught the moment,  his goal. A week of voyeurism, the maddening of the human race, after thirty odd hours watching TV he was mad. It felt like a week, but it was over the course of a week. He hadn’t sat down and watched and watched. He staggered it over a week. Three/four hour shifts. Who would want to watch TV day and night as if there was nothing else to do except surf the net for porn. The world population was doing exactly that. Those who had access to TV based their lives on it. Stargirl had a sister, stargirl being a lesbian striper on a late night channel that was late nite at three in the afternoon. He didn’t believe it existed, this surreal world of text remote TV and home. kitchen milk, coffee, sofa, more kitchen, snacks, more drinks, a cigarette, bathroom, pause and hold, can you put it back to the last scene, those look nice, he’d seen them on the other channel too, big ones, little ones, huge too, breasts everywhere. Was there ever a female performer who kept her clothes on. Britney, gaga, sophie, paris, nikole, Lindsay, etc etc, he’d seen them all in various states of dress and undress, in sex, out of sex, knickers in car, on the floor, butt shots, botox lines. If he ever was to meet these girls, and that was most unlikely, he’d seen them all. Knew their parts, the mole under your breast too, hope it’s not malignant. How did they intend to make love to him now that the mystery was gone. Make love meant creating love in Harry’s universe. The reason for being of the healthy human, love.  Unhook your bra, I’ve seen it all before, saw the sex tape as well. The trouble with TV, it’s everywhere, and it never ceases, like gambling in vegas, 24 hours 365 days of the year, and going into spaces you never thought possible. Hid from sight these late night shows, payphones were really a fancy name for a mobile. News anchors in tears almost repeating the news, the latest horror crash, children make the best impact, and mess. New news clip, were all happy now, tears dead. More tears tomorrow, you have to watch to find out.

Slapped across the face, beaten to a mental pulp, but do you know what, we can cure your eating habits if you’re overweight. We just can’t make those starving, fat. I’ll never get this written he thought, his mind swollen for the beating it had endured that week. Church power, TV power, business power, who wanted ordinary, no one, only the foolish wanted to be normal, everyone else wanted stardom or your mobile phone.
We are fucking ourselves out of existence, and we all know it he surmised.

But the week had been good. After receiving a standing ovation at his first literary event he was still under the influence, glow or whatever they called, feeling adored.

Words matter, some more than others, and some more than others depending who says them. His words seemed to hit the spot. Two publishers wanted his work, so he was under pressure but enjoying it. I’ll pray more often he thought. Lizzie wasn’t so impressed with the attention he’d received either, she’d get used to it. Pete was ringing him everyday, cocaine had halved in price. Pete even gave him credit now.

Darfur was on the telly, the Arabs fighting Africans, or slaves as they are called, the U.N. did nothing as usual, the Chinese controlling the oil. No one will remember he sighed the bodies of those children burned and hanged upsides down. Chinese though, he didn’t like the fact that they were feeding the war. The bible he frowned, he’d read it that those who spread it, or encourage it would suffer for it. Running short of water in china too, earthquakes and landslides increase day by day, they’ll be the first to falter he reckoned for what they wilfully done, in Darfur and elsewhere. No point in upsetting the Chinese, too many of them, one major epidemic would be enough to wipe them out, as they lived like bees in hives. The Arab extremists, couldn’t criticise them either, too much money and too many of them. Lack of water would be there problem too, as salty water refined wasn’t drinking water but salty water refined and nothing else. The plebs would get the message when it was too late.

A poem for all mankind, good idea he surmised thinking wisely, the horror that was Darfur would probably be the last testament to the sheer greed and horror or man, better forgotten. Sad that no one cares he thought, the image of the burning children hard to forget. Tomorrow the news would focus on some other tragedy. A poem for all mankin ,where do you start.

She goes to school at half past eight, her hopes and dreams in her bag, homework done her parents proud, no longer clothed in rags. Along the way she meets this man, a family guy she thinks, he promised her a ride to school, she gets in she thinks. He asks her if she’d like some treats, he points the other way, she gets all anxious, his fist hits her face. For god sakes harry cheer up, some poem for mankind, horror story. Child prostitution on the rise globally, forty five million americans living in poverty, not everyone lives in Hollywood, not like tv where everyone is thin, good looking, and has plenty of money. They only make up that stuff to trick you. They don’t want you if your poor in America, uneducated either unless your willing to join the army.

A poem for mankind, where do you start. Two hours at the PC, it looked like a joke. Good stories are rare these days, where do you start. Hitler got the art of propaganda off to a T, the world soon followed.

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