Thursday, July 10, 2014


Trust, understand the meaning of the word, so much effort made to undermine trust in everything, examples abound everywhere you look, daily you are reminded to be distrustful, in other words, you are taught to be destructive of love, and that is the goal of the evil spirit, that is the goal of the damaged soul, Jesus speaks of trust in the fullest meaning of the word, and the consequences of it, the rulers of this earth want you to trust in man made things, God, and Jesus, the prophets sent to strengthen us, all mention the need to trust, trust being faith in Love, Faith in God, so even when the road gets rough retain your trust, we have enough friends who will constantly remind us not to trust, it’s the cancer that was spread throughout the world, it was the reason why faith in God was damaged by this constant rhetoric, well, see the image posted with this blog, it’s God’s way of reminding us to hold on to the love we have, the faith we have, the spell of the evil one has been destroyed and its evidenced by the many blessings being poured out across the world, amen. What is a marriage without trust, agony for all concerned, what is friendship without trust, empty

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