Friday, July 11, 2014

Creators of Fear

Addict, alone, no one there, helpless, better take more, better, an hour later, fear, head spin, worse than ever, more, where’s the dealer, panic, wont last the night, fear, it’s all created, wake up, you are never alone, it’s the message sold, haven’t got this, worried about that, single divorced childless, schemes of fear, it’s everywhere, helplessness here and there, herd the sheep, another fix, another therapy option, circle of deceit, relies on fear, ever wonder why we need whistle blower insurance, fear, well, God Most High has his eyes aimed, on the masters of illusion, and there’s no exit strategy to this one, so, you spent your life selling fear, try some of the new medication then, the creation of fear, harms everyone, reminding us daily, you are alone, well, that’s the trick, one you fear, you are easy prey, easily lead, soul taken from you, but there is a cure, Love, amen. Fear reduces your faith in God Most High, and it undermines trust and love in everyone, and it's a tactic used to weaken our belief in the divinity in all of us, the great news is this, God is pouring out miracles to destroy this abuse of Love, and it's visible in many events, be part of the great change, believe. The picture with the blog is one of a set of five, God is firmly in charge, amen

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