Tuesday, July 15, 2014

JFK, A Prophet?

Mr Kennedy

Funded elections, publicly funded presidential campaigns, distrusted advisers, too many with masters degree’s, anyone can get one, meant nothing, he was right, world is in crisis, never more folks with masters degree’s, can you buy one, I suppose you can, they push these degree’s, network I suppose, jobs for those with it I suppose, why else would people bother, the world is in a mess, so much for the master’s degree, education hasn't saved the world, love might, we’ll see, as for his disdain for the arms industry, cross border initiatives for Asian issues, sought a combined approach, mislead over Cuban crisis, unease with cigarette industry and health industry, imagine,  unraveling of power networks, unease with Vietnam, disdain for Richard Nixon, 100% right there, supported Martin Luther king when unpopular, in a nutshell, he opened minds on what ought to happen, before he was murdered, same thing happened to Archbishop Romero, Che Guevara, Martin Luther king, Robert Kennedy, anyone who opened the minds of people, deemed a threat to the elite, those who wanted to control our lives, the “IN” people, the “IN” people, great future ahead for them, allowed the Vietnam war to happen, and an awful lot worse, caused regime change in many places, helped the spread of corruption, encouraged the spread of drug addiction, and a host of other things. Imagine the reception these people, their supporters and their friends will receive, when they are held to account. Just to add a note to proceedings, Mr Kennedy, donated every dime he earned in politics to charitable causes, that was sixty years ago. I’m just pointing out to whoever believes in God, the difficulty every believer had, and the lengths that the evil minded went to, to control the message, and undermine faith in God Most High. Imagine, an America, where presidential elections were funded by the people, and not the interests of big business, and it might have happened, if Mr Kennedy hadn’t been murdered, or his brother. I read a book, an honest account, of what the man thought in private, told by a close friend of his, who retained a diary of it, an insight big business would never want to happen. No lobbying for president, no scurrying around the country, imagine, having to vote for a candidate because of the issues and not the amount of money he can afford to spend. Just a thought, perhaps Mr Kennedy was a prophet of his time, amen, bless his soul. The unfulfilled work, the talent buried, wonder if there is anyone out there with his balls!. If anyone who reads this is American, pass this on. The book I refer to, war written by the former editor of Newsweek, a man called Ben Bradlee, in the 1970’s. Evil prospers when good people stand idle.

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