Thursday, March 26, 2015

#Terror Plotting #Ted #Cruz

The terror the fear inside, the paranoia created and sustained, the reality of so many lives today, caused by those with evil in mind, exploited so successfully by the extremists, exploited the world over by the propagandists, some good but not enough of them, the rock solid fear that’s soul destroying, and those emotionally damaged when young, who just re act to the fear encountered, by imitating the actions they witnessed when young, perhaps you’ll understand why Jesus lectured us to forgive, and his Father’s great display of mercy, by offering us his Son. The terror witnessed in the middle east, as the extremists post the worst excess’s of evil online, in the hope of creating paralysis and total fear, to them and their supporters the wrath of God for sure.

Imagine as Ted Cruz said, a  hot head zealot in the white house, with his trigger finger ready, who over re acts, imagine the consequences, Imagine it, a little wisdom goes a long long way. as the season gears up, and one set of politicians trying to out think the others, first thing they do is get inside the head of the voters, so with research in mind, they send in the first gladiator, testing the public re action, simple manipulation all over again, imagine trying to Use God to get the better of others for self gain, utter foolishness, amen. The picture in the blog is very real, amen.

if no one stands up and says stop, the madness goes on and on, till.....

(answers to lots of problems)

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