Tuesday, September 30, 2014


DNA, what does it mean, what is it made of, how is it constructed, what’s the human input, do our actions matter, do we pass on errors, do our habits add to it, answers we don’t want to answer for, alcohol, mental, physical or other, we pass on our faults readily, it’s why we find it hard to forgive, it’s why we are addicted easily, the traits we encounter from other generations, imagine then, the current state of the human seed bank, ego driven, self interests, sexually addicted, and many others too, add them to the past traits passed on, a mighty mess ahead of all, but the good news is this, with change we can turn it all around, in one generation actually, unless it’s not something to be interested in, DNA, there’s more of you in it that you’d wish, hope the porn habit isn’t too taxing. The reason women are taking over, they still work the higher love, the gift of children, the love inside, amen.

Jesus warned us, science has proved it, we pass on our faults, the demon hates Love, worse it gets unless we change, it’s why reform is everywhere, simply wisdom. The man in the sky, God Most High, is active, time to open the heart wide open, amen.

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