Monday, July 23, 2012

Is it Over...

i know what's wrong with the world he said, no more hearts reaching maturity love virtually dead, children on the brink fed a dose of violent death, women on their backs legs way out of sync and spread, i know what's wrong with the world and it's over, God is worn out not looking  too far ahead, so it's a warning for all of you with any sense, start packing your bags you world full of tyrants

given the warnings and all those mighty events, no one seems to listen it's just like the rent, it gets higher and higher till no one has anything at all, then they pitch you out the door and leave you for dead, i know what's wrong with the world he said, it's over as we know it, swear by God this is true, wake up and smell the coffee cause it's going to happen to you

there's a CURE there's a cure he's heard it all before, even the Hollywood starsdon't believe it anymore, they chose sides in a war that can't be one,  they just buy time same as everyone, a small young heart emerges his heart is full of gold, he delights in what what is beautiful he's very hard to ignore, God for a moment with a tear in his eye, he's the one i'm waiting for before i say goodbye, this little lad is bolder more wiser that them all, i'll set him in charge give them one more chance to adore, a flood a tsunami or something of similar design, i only gave this world to love not to greed or anything more, at least the young don't go on the  run, they trust you hope for more....

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